About Us

Kinetik®. Powering radical lifestyles

one battery at a time.

Our Mission

Kinetik® is dedicated to powering lives and adventures.  We are driven to provide our users with the unmatched quality and performance that their lifestyles demand and offer the solution to their hunger for extra power.  We are an industry leader, driving the portable power evolution through constant innovation and exploration, inspired by our diehard Kinetik® followers.  Kinetik® fans live a life that goes far beyond the status quo, andthey need a power solution that can keep up.  And that is exactly what we provide at Kinetik®. 


Since 2003, Kinetik® has been a leader in powering car audio and performance vehicles for high profile celebrities, professionals and discriminating enthusiasts around the world. With the addition of the new AP Series for powersports adventures, and primary Kinetik® batteries for everyday devices, we stay true to our commitment of continuous innovation and providing best-in-class power solutions.  


Peace of mind knowing you're covered with proven, time-tested and reliable power when you need it most. Kinetik® batteries undergo stringent end-to-end testing to meet rigorous qualification standards. Designed for their specific applications, each Kinetik® product delivers unparalleled user satisfaction. There are many offerings on the market today, but when you love your vehiclesand performance matters, why settle for less? Start every adventure with Kinetik®!

  • Established lifestyle brand
  • Trusted performance
  • Expansive product range
  • Proven quality - ISO 9001:2008
  • In-house engineers
  • In-house test laboratory
  • Collaborative partner
  • Leader in power solutions
  • Customer-centric
  • Passionate team