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Let Kinetik® Power Your Demanding Lifestyle.

Powering lifestyles

Since 2003, Kinetik® has been a trusted leader in delivering unmatched 12V aftermarket power solutions to audio and powersports enthusiasts globally. Having powered the loudest vehicles in the world to being spotlighted in countless TV shows and automotive and audio magazines, Kinetik® now brings its expertise to powering demanding lifestyle applications including motorcycles, jet skis, ATV's, UTV's, snowmobiles and beyond. 

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Be part of the Kinetik® phenomenon. There are a lot of brands in the marketplace today, but there is no substitute for Kinetik's® commitment to be the best in Power, Energy & Style. 

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Kinetik® Partners

Kinetik® Products

Start it faster. Ride it longer.  Play it louder.  

From motorcycles, jet skis, ATV's, UTV's to snowmobiles, to your everyday alkaline batteries, Kinetik® will deliver the quality, power and reliability you need to power your passion. 

HC Series

Kinetik® HC Series Power Cells are designed for pro and semi-pro enthusiasts who understand power is the most crucial foundation when building a quality sound system.  

Kinetik® HC Series Lines include:
> HC-BLU SLA AGM Power Cells
> HC-REV SLA AGM Power Cells
> HC-PRO SLA AGM Power Cells

AP Series

Kinetik® AP Series Batteries are designed for ultimate performance and extreme power.

Kinetik® AP Series Lines include:
> Phantom LFP
> Platinum V-Twin
> Platinum AGM
> Premium Dry Charge AGM
> Standard Conventional


Kinetik® consumer batteries offer batteries of all sizes.  Long-lasting and ideal for everyday use.

Kinetik® Consumer Batteries Lines include:
> Alkaline
> Lithium
> Silver Oxide

Power Accessories

We offer an expanded range of power essentials for your epic adventures.  From jumpstarts to charger and maintainers.

Accessories & Hardware

From battery sleeves to power supplies, Kinetik® has you covered.